Which Clarisonic? Or Should I go for the Foreo Luna?

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  1. I was wondering for those skincare guru's out there (who are inevitably more talented than I am):

    - I am looking to invest in a Clarisonic: which one should I get (there are so many types)?
    - Clarisonic v Foreo Luna?

  2. Also which brush heads are the most useful for the Clarisonic?
  3. I got a Clarisonic Smart Profile for Christmas. Looks great. :graucho:
  4. I've never owned a clarisonic but many friends of mine have. I have really sensitive skin so I can't use a clarisonic. However, I'd pick the clarisonic over the Foreo Luna which seems gimmicky and doesn't really do a good job at exfoliating or cleansing. I've read some reviews and seen some youtube reviews on the Foreo Luna.
  5. I have both.

    Clarisonic does a much better job at cleansing but you should put in mind you have to buy a new brush every 6 months. I use the sensitive brush.

    Luna is okay-ish for every morning cleansing but I feel like it doesn't give me that full on clean look so I just use it in the morning.
  6. I have the Claisonic for a few years now and I love it! I have combination skin but I use the sensitive skin brush. I found that the normal brush head too firm and harsh. I find it really helps to remove the makeup off at the end of the day. I found using it twice a day was too much for my skin, so it's part of my evening routine. I have the "plus" version which means that you can use the body brush attachment, which I absolutely love! It's especially good for when doing a pedi at home! In terms of price, it is a pain to replace the brush heads every 3-6 months but I stock up at Sephora during the VIB 20% off

  7. I've used the Clarisonic Mia 2 for over a year and swear by it.

    I use the sensitive and deep pore cleansing brush heads. My vote's for the clarisonic.
  8. Thank you for all the great advice! I went to Sephora the other day and asked the SA what she thought in terms of Clarisonic vs Luna, and she also suggested the clarisonic (since the silicon on the luna will wear out in time). Which clarisonic should I get? The Aria or the Smart Profile? TIA!!