Which City to get first-Rouge vif or black with GH?

  1. I am going bag shopping next sturday and a black MJ stam is already on the list. I am getting a city too and am now completely torn between getting a rouge vif or black with gold hardware.
    I have lusted after the rouge vif since I first clapped eyes on it but now I feel the same about the black. I can't get both sadly, so what do I do???!!! :shrugs:
  2. I you find a Rouge Vif City...buy it : those babies are sold out here ;)...
  3. Wishlist:
    Chloe: Large black patent betty, large white/cream betty, White quilted bay

    Marc Jacobs: Black stam, a blake (not sure which colour yet!)
    Balenciaga: Rouge Vif City, Black city (with gold hardware), White twiggy

    Rouge Vif City!!! cuz it comes before black city on your list

    so i think subconsciously u want the red more than the black!! :smile:
  4. Rouge VIf
  5. Rouge Vif, you can always get a black city.
  6. black with gh since bal seems to be making lots of red bags but gh bags are limited edition
  7. Rouge vif city!!! If you can get it I say go for it!!!
  8. I prefer RV it's an amazing color!
  9. Rouge vif !
  10. Rouge vif !
  11. Love your logic! :yes:
  12. Rouge Definately. The black you can get for a while now - the RV is a way better option imo....

    I secretly dont like the gold hardware either so it was an easy decision to make!
  13. Rouge Vif
  14. Rouge VIF
  15. i would say rouge vif :yes: