Which city should I visit?

  1. My mother is coming to visit me during the summer and as usual she wants us to visit a city together. She told me I can pick so after a while I narrowed it down to Chicago, Boston, Dallas/Houston, and San Francisco. So which one has the best shopping? :wlae:
  2. From a strictly shopping point of view, I think Dallas/Houston would have the most selection in terms of luxury items. But for a vacation, Chicago, Boston, and SF have more to see and do for tourists, in addition to big-city shopping.
  3. Chicago gets my vote. Especially in the summer. The lakefront is beautiful and yes, there is tons of shopping.
  4. But Chicago is hot and humid in the summer - San Francisco is gorgeous in the summer. Shopping is great, too - Union Square, SF Center, Union, Hayes Street. Where is she coming from? Does she want a change of weather, too?
  6. Chicago isn't hot and humid in the summer. They have hot spells like any area, but it's not particularly humid. Plus if you're downtown, it's often cooler by the lake (famous phrase there; there was a local music group with that name). World quality museums, zoo, restaurants, and shopping, plus the friendly people in the midwest.
  7. ^^^Cooler by the lake.. I forgot all about that *saying*.. I've been gone too long.
  8. SF would be the best in the summer--great waterfront restaurants and hotels downtown!! Oh, and the shopping is TDF!!
  9. ^^^^San Francisco!!! Unique neighborhoods & fabulous shopping! Plus weather you'll enjoy being out in.
    You were in Chicago at a strange time. I was there last May & it was unbearably humid & hot! We kept saying what is wrong with this place & then figured out it was the humidity! Was like a sauna.
  10. My mother told me that it is all up to me! :smile: I'm thinking of crossing out Boston so now it's just between Chicago, Dallas/Houston, and San Francisco. I don't hope to offend anybody by asking this but are there a lot of gay people in San Francisco? I have absolutely nothing against gay people but it would just be kind of awkward.
  11. I live in Boston and love the shopping here, but am a CA native and I would say SF is a great place to visit. So much shopping and sight seeing, and many wonderful restaurants. Wherever you go, you will have a blast!
  12. SF for sure-it is an American treasure, and I have never met anyone who didn't love it-SF is a huge tourist destination, and a big part of the appeal of the city is all the diverse cultures together-I don't think you would regret it-
  13. boxermom: I am from the midwest and I agree - people are very friendly, there. So I take that as a compliment. Regarding the humidity, it probably depends on where you are coming from - if from Northern Ca or Las Vegas like Vegas Long Legs, Chicago is much more humid - but probably not from North Carolina (which I know nothing about).

    franniegulr3092, I don't think you can go wrong with any of those cities. Boston, Chicago and SF are world class cities that people come from all over the world to visit.

    As for the gay question - as in any metropolitan city, there are gay people and there are certain areas of town which there are more. If you feel that way, you could avoid certain areas. In the tourist and shopping areas, everything goes which makes these cities so great. However, you might find it awkward to visit on the day of the Gay Pride Parade.
  14. Okay, Boston is great to visit but definitely not if you want a SHOPPING venture!! I would have to say definitely CHICAGO!!!

    There are tons of high-end shops waiting for your to spend your money!! SF is great, don't think I would personally just fly there to shop. As far as hot and humid weather goes - it just depends on the time of year - HELL, it's summer - what do you expect?

    Dallas, it doesn't get hot and humid there - HA! HA!

    Who are we kiddin'

    - Dallas is a fun place to visit, but shopping is spead all over - the Galleria, Highland Park, etc...

    where as Michigan Ave. in CHicago -everything is at your beck and call, you can fly into O'hare/Midway take the train downtown and NEVER need a vehicle - so you won't have to spend money for a car rental - more money to spend!! HA! HA!

    I have been to all the places you are looking at visiting, and I am not bias or anything but I would have to go with Chicago!!!
  15. All cities listed except for SF have HORRIFIC humidity in the summer.

    Go to SF.