Which CITY should I get??

  1. White, Mint, French Blue or Anthracite?? Its hard b/c I haven't seen Mint or French Blue IRL. I would love to see more pics!!!!:smile:
  2. I think u can check on this link to understand more abt the swatch color : http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/2005...by-season.html

    This site is very informative!

    Also, u can go thru the whole thread, there are lots of pics and details abt the above enquiry.....cheers
  3. From your list...i'll pick "White07" it can go for all season!!!:yes:
  4. Thanks girls! I've seen a few pics of them all now..I still can't decide. Which do you all like the best? IDK which get..
  5. personally i either like french blue (coz of the bright color) but if u are goin for a darker look, u can go for anthracite.....:yahoo:
  6. French blue because it is bright and the other colours are a bit too IMO boring for the $
  7. I personally prefer french blue but I think it depends on what you want really.
    Light (white & mint), bright (french blue) or a dark colour (anthracite)?
  8. :yes: If you want dark, I'd get anthracite. If you want summer, get the mint (vert d'eau). Let us know what you decide and post pics.
  9. Yep...French blue gets my vote. It's so bright & unique. Just right for Bal collector. But, if u wanna go for sth more versatile, i'd say anthracite.:p
  10. French Blue or Anthracite. I have anthracite and love, love, love it, but the color is more subdued. FB is fabulous and bright. Either way, you'll have a beautiful bag! :yes: