Which City should I get? It'll be my first Bbag ever!!!


Which Shade?

  1. Ivore

  2. Mastic

  3. Mogano

  4. Blanc

  5. Noir

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Yay! One month to go and I'll have my baby just not sure of the shade yet so please let me know your opinions!
  2. Woohoo!! :yahoo:Advance congrats to you!!
    They are all great choices, but I voted for the black city - the classic bbag!!! (2nd choice for me would be the mogano). Darker colors, for me at least, are easier to take care of and you don't have to worry about babying them too much. Please post some pics when you receive her! :tup:
  3. I vote mastic, it's a great neutral.
  4. I can't believe im getting so excited already lol
  5. I also voted black. But it really depends what will work best with your wardrobe and other bags. I agree that mogano or mastic would be nice choices too. I personally wouldn't be able to maintain ivory or white, but more power to you if you can!
  6. I would choose Black out of those choices. I can't quite remember what color Mogano is, though ??
  7. A black Balenciaga is a must-have :tup:
  8. my vote is for Mogano.
  9. Black goes with everything and it looks great in the Bbag leather.
  10. I voted for Noir because its your first Bbag... and coz you didnt have Tabac/sienna on your list... which is a great color I'd definitely pick over Noir.... for now....
  11. I voted for black/noir. I saw it on your wishlist so that seems to be the one you really want. I got a black city for my first bbag and I would never part with it.
  12. I also vote for black - it's so elegant, particularly if you get it in GGH.
  13. I voted for Mastic... it's the perfect neutral!
  14. My choice is either black or mogano.....darker shade is easy to manage and don't get dirty easily esp if you have a child.

    Like me, i jus had my little son two mths ago and most of my bags are mainly on the darker shade. It's easy to match with clothing as they are more versatile color.
  15. black city...:love: