which city should I buy... please advise...

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    hello, ladies,

    I have not been so interested in balenciaga for almost one year and half,
    but couldn't really resist coming back to a balenciaga fan, since balenciaga is just the most gorgeous bag I ever owned...

    I sold my 05 black city 2 years ago, sold blueberry and truffe(?) day bag 2-3 years ago, so now no balenciaga bag...

    I have money just for one city bag, so wanna be advised by you ladies...

    I am considering, 09 f/w black city, 09 s/s sanguine, 09 f/w tempete, 09 f/w raisin, and 09 f/w poupre(is that right?)...

    please advise~~ thanks!
  2. I'd go with either the black or raisin city. Black is classic and raisin is gorgeous!
  3. raisin! I think this is a very versatile color!
  4. I say go for the black or tempete. Tempete is a great neutral and will go with lots.
  5. I would always go for the Classic black!
    And welcome back to Bal!
  6. I'd choose black or raisin first, then maybe tempete. Pourpre hasn't been released yet. Welcome back!
  7. I'd go for the classic black city!
  8. If you're looking for a pop of color, I say go with Raisin. If you're looking for something usable with more outfits, black is the way to go!
  9. 09 f/w raisin
  10. I would get the Raisin since it is such a gorgeous color. You could always get the Black later.
  11. I'd say Tempete as I think it could go easier with almost everything.
    The next in the line is Raisin as the colour is TDF.
  12. I have both the 09 black and raisin cities, both are beautiful with terrific leather but I would say go for the raisin. The color is stunning IRL. Black will always be there.
  13. Sanguine City is beautiful... i have one :biggrin: also a versatile color. second choice would be raisin.
  14. Another vote for Sanguine!
  15. black city - just bought mine yesterday and i lurvvve it!