Which City In FRANCE that have a chance to get Birkin or Kelly out of Paris and Other

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  1. Hi Everyone I’m New Member you so today I May have many question kindly help me please .

    1 ) I’ve Plan to go to France but didn’t plan to go to any city yet My plan just want to get the Birkin , do you have any city that i can have a chance to get Birkin or Kelly Out of Paris (Because I’ve already planed that i will try my luck in FSH ,George ,Sevres) But I Just want to have more chance to grab it
    1.1 ) and Kindly advise me which day should i go and shouldn’t
    1.2 ) either you guys have an nice SA please tell me anyway

    2) Is that true that you can get Birkin Twice in one year only!!!! ?
    Once I’ve ever got one Birkin and i ask one more for SA she told me that "you better come back in next 6 months” I’m wonder that is it true ? because I’ve found one people he got the Birkin in every 3 months
    2.1) do they have record our purchased out of Paris or in France ? like if i want to get one more Birkin in difference city/country can I ?

    3) "You Can’t get same bag in different colour or size in one season” I’ve heard this sentence from SA in Sevres But That trip i got one garden from Venice and one in FSH so is it true? or it is fine that if it is difference city/country ?

    4) How can i know the season of Hermes is changed ?

    Warm Regards
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