Which city? Blue Glacier or anthracite?

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Which color

  1. Anthracite

  2. Blue Glacier

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hiya Gals

    Thinking of getting a City! It will be more for shopping trips. I actually preferred a truffle but is brown too predictable? My shop doesnt have truffle anyway but has these 2 colors which I felt are more interesting. Which one do you prefer? Thanks a lot!

  2. I think both are just beautiful and it really depends on what you're looking for. The anthracite is a great staple and the BG is a very nice, colourful bag. You can't go wrong with eithet IMO.:heart: Good luck!:yes:
  3. they are both gorgeous but i tend to go with darker color b-bags, so i am voting for anthracite. good luck!
  4. I am a fan of blue B-bags, so I vote Bleu Glacier! Both are lovely, but the blue is SO fabulous!
  5. ANTHRACITE! that bag is gorgeous, great leather. this color is also a great chameleon and can look almost black or even teal blue depending on the light.

    either choice, both look really beautiful:yes:
  6. Of coz Anthracite! Yummy yummy.. Good luck to you!:heart::smile: Please post pics when u got her..
  7. Anthra without doubt
  8. So far I've never really like Blue Glacier from its veininess, though I'd have to say the leather on the one you have up looks real delicious! I'm voting for Blue Glacier this time!! :smile:
  9. ..had to comment...now the poll is 50:50!! :wtf:
  10. oh gosh im going to be no help! I love both equally! But if it was me i would go for the glacier xx
  11. I voted BG because it is so interesting of a color!
  12. I think that anthracite is more flexible.
  13. blue glacier! u'll love it!!! i promiseeee!!!
  14. Another vote for Bleu Glacier!
  15. One more vote for bleu glacier. It'd be perfect for summer--it seems like it would go really well with a lot of summery white shirts.