Which Citrine Ring?

  1. Hey Girls. I'm hoping I can get honest opinions from you all. I bought a citrine ring, the rectangular one about a week ago. My husband thought the citrines on the side (not around the halo) made it look "cheap". LOL! Anyways so he got me to wondering and I got a different one that is oval. My concern with the oval is a tad smaller and the band is awfully thin but the stone colorining is TDF. Here are pics. What looks better? I do have a smokey quartz that is flanked by diamonds that is square so I'm not sure if the rectangular one may be too similar to that one. What do you girls think? Oh I had to take two of the rectangular because you can only see part of the ring on the first one.
    DSC03417.jpg DSC03423.jpg DSC03424.jpg DSC03427.jpg
  2. i think you should go with the oval, it looks beautiful on your finger. and i sort of agree with your husband about the side stones on the rectangular one-i wouldn't say they make it look "cheap," but they make the ring a bit off IMO. ;)
  3. I love citrine too!!! Honestly, I love the oval! The rectangular one is nice too but the color is very similar to a yellow sapphire. I prefer the deep color of the oval one! :tup:
  4. The color on the oval citrine is stunning! :drool: I'd go with that one. (Plus, as you said, you already have a square smoky quartz ring.)
  5. The round one is killer!
  6. It's lovely!!!
  7. i definatly think the round one!
  8. I think the oval one looks best on you.
  9. Oval looks amazing on your hand!!
  10. I prefer the square-ish one!
  11. I prefer the oval.
  12. Another vote for oval.
  13. i'm loving the oval!!!
  14. I vote oval... its a timeless design and the color is beautiful!
  15. They're both lovely but I definitely love the oval a tad bit more. It may be because of the color but that color is impossible to say no to. I think the size + the thin band works well together. I'd definitely go for the oval!

    Congrats, they're both beautiful.