Which Ciao Ciao should I get?

  1. A pirata that I adore for $172, or a transporto that I'm not so crazy about for $130?
  2. i don't think you should base your purchases on the cost of the purses. if you really adore a purse that happens to be in the print/style and placement you love, then i say go for it. i'd save the money on something i'm not so crazy about and spend it on something i adore (even if you end up spending over retail..). but that's just me.. ;)
  3. You gotta buy what you love even if it is more in price. Both bags are expensive either way. Go pirata!
  4. Yeah, get the print you love more. I personally think that Pirata matches my clothes color better. But that is just me.
  5. get the print you love
  6. to me, $130 is actually more expensive because your spending it on something your not crazy about. go with what you adore!!!
  7. i have a pirata ciao ciao and i love it, but go with what you love! :heart: don't just "settle" for the trasporto ciao ciao, because you'll regret not getting the pirata and might just end up buying both in the long run.
  8. Go with the Pirata you love. I also think this print is easy to wear. With the brown straps and blue/yellow main accents, it seem to match a lot of my clothes.
  9. Get the print/bag you love --> Pirata! By the way, I think there is enough black in the print also that it matches not only brown but black.

    If you get a bag you're not so crazy about then you end up shelving it away and not really making use of it. Or maybe you can take a chance it will grow on you...Trasporto grew on me. I'm not helping much here am I lol.
  10. did you end up getting the pirata or trasporto :graucho:?
  11. Thanks for all your replies! I was going to go out and buy the pirata, but it turns out my bf had actually just ordered me an inferno campeggio off of eBay. So...I'm still debating if I really need two messenger bags.

    In addition to that, I found a Vacanze CC that someone on LJ is selling and I absolutely love it as well. xD

    Oh, the woes of a tokidoki addict. ><
  12. Save up a little more and get the one you really like. You will be much happier in the end. I love the understated look of transporto, but get Pirata if you like it more. Good luck with your decision :drinkup:
  13. There is a saying my husband likes to repeat..."a cheap man always pays twice."

    Because if it is not a print that you love, you won't feel satisfied and down the line will spend the money anyway.
  14. I think you should still get the pirata in addition to what your bf got you!! You may never get another chance :yes:
  15. OMG. You'd never believe it, today when I got back from yoga class I found my perfect pirata ciao ciao just sitting on my bed.

    On it was a note that said:

    "The other one is coming in three days. Now, you don't have to choose. Hope you won't love this more than you love me."


    I really wish my camera was working so I could've taken a pic. I think I have the world's most perfect boyfriend.