Which Christmas scarf?

  1. Hey there! I really want to get a scarf for the winter and I am torn between these two "Noel au 24 Faubourg" scarves I see on eBay. Which one would you pick?



    One is much larger than the other, but I like the picture and colours on the smaller one.

    Thanks for your opinions!
  2. i love them both but the bigger one is exquisite. i just gave it to my stepmom for her birthday in the black colorway. it ties so fabulously. bear in mind i believe the second one is a pochette which sells for 110 dollars and then the bigger one retails for 325 right now. so the second one is selling for over retail while the other is for under retail.

    hope this helps!
  3. HL is right, the bigger one is GORGEOUS and you can tie it in soooo many different ways!
  4. Hmm this is tough. I really love how big the one scarf is and it is beautiful. But I love the colours and the cuteness of the other one. Sigh. I think I'll pop into the boutique tomorrow to compare sizes. Wonder if they will have any of these in stock? Thanks for your advice!
  5. i have seen the pochette in hermes by me. but i think the larger one is hard to find if at all because it's from a few seasons ago. there is a world of difference in the sizes. you might want to check the what scarf are you wearing thread to see people wearing the pochette vs the full size carre.
  6. the color of the bigger one is good for someone who doesnt have a lot of H scarves. The smaller one is more appropriate for a person who have a few scarves.

    I'm surprised that you could only find 2 Noels on eBay
  7. I love the bigger one. More versatile, too!!
  8. both of those are so pretty!
  9. It´s really just up to you and your preference
  10. I have the full size in Black. I love it.
    I have seen the blue border and that was very pretty too.