Which Choo bag do you use daily

  1. Do you all use your J Choo bags for every day? Which one do you carry the most? Which is your favorite one you could not live without?

    My answers...Yes I do use mine daily. I think the one I like the most is my Radiant...even tho I haven't used it yet. I try to give them all a turn out of the closet. The only other bags I seem to carry anymore are my cream Gustto Baca, my gold Botkier Trigger, and my little caramel Balenciaga.
  2. Hmmm..you've got me thinking. I can't live without my Troys. Next would be my silver Mahala. It feels special each time I use it:love: The one I will never part with though is my small Torque that my DH surprised me with:heart:
  3. I only have 1, a black patent ramona. And I did use it almost daily last winter, I'm sure I will again once the weather turns more fall-like.
  4. :love:My Electric Blue Mahala which I cannot live w/o &:love: I feel like a :queen: when I carry her . Then my purple mahala :kiss:that I just :heart: too ( but not as much as baby blue ), then my black watersnake ramona.... maddy is been really lonely lately:crybaby:
  5. I wear my Choos for special occasions, like going out somewhere. My everyday bags are my Balenciagas. I don't feel bad if they get knocked about. But my Choos get babied...treated like little princesses :choochoo: :queen: :choochoo:
  6. Well....I have decided that for as much as I have paid for them....I shall carry them all at once. And so I do. :wlae:

    No, you know what? I, like many others of you, have bags by other designers. It depends on the day, the outfit, my mood, etc. But I would have to say that the Choo I carry the most often is my burgundy Riki. Having said that, the Choo I most look forward to carrying is my new blue patent Riki just because she's so special. :love:

    And Samantha! I have to tell you that the first photo I saw of you was with a Troy, you were wearing a really cute black shorts outfit with killer heels and I swear to God I thought you were Victoria Beckham! Just the way you were standing, the way you held the bag....yep, was gonna ask for an autograph! :wacko:
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::tup::roflmfao:

    I use my mahala the most :smile:
  8. Surprisingly, my everyday bag was the patent Ramona for awhile. Its reluctance to attract dirt is amazing. But I switch bags up every other week, so Im not carrying it at the moment.
  9. I only have one but I LOVE it! It's a burgundy patent leather Rikki.
  10. I use my black Riki almost every day for work. It's the perfect size for everyday. Sometimes I swap it out for a brown/ivory bag, but that's just to let some of my other bags see the light of day. I think I could easily use Riki every day -- my favorite bag!!
  11. I have one JC (Ramona) that I use constantly. Lately, I've been switching (every other week) between the Ramona and the YSL Downtown. They are my favorite bags of the moment.
  12. Right now I have my Black Patent Ramona in use, but the Ring saw almost all of the month of August.

    I was not switching bags as much as I would have liked because they were high up on top of the closet and could not reach them without DH or dragging a chair into the closet.

    DH suggested I move all blankets out of an Armoire we had in the bedroom and place the bags in there. That suggestion has worked wonders for me:yahoo: (every once in awhile, DH does actually come up with some great ideas:heart:)
  13. Currently, I'm carrying 'another brand--Chloe', but love my Choo's. My all time favorite bag is my Pewter/Bronze Tulita, this bag gets so many compliments. Next would be my Red Mahala and Navy Ramona.
  14. I use my Mahala!It's my favorite!
  15. Been using daily my Electric Blue Mahala... so out of character for me to have a bright colored bag (only ever worn neutrals before).... but can't seem to stop myself from carrying it. It just kind of perks everything up including me! :p