Which Chloé with this dress? Please help me and show me pics!

  1. Hi!

    Which bag can I wear with this dress?

    I like to wear an turquoise one cause I also want to wear an turquiose cardigan. Please help and show me pics.

  2. oooh I am thinking a beaded bracelet bag would be incredible with this dress :nuts:

    If you do a search in the chloe library threads, you will see some amazing ones, but here is a piccie of my green one to give you an idea :smile:

  3. Totally agree with Chloe Babe

    Heres some other styles to give you an idea

  4. Whow gorgeous, I don't own any bracelet bags I do dress either too casual or too "épurée" for them but I think they are really amazing just pieces of art from another time!
    I think you could also use a paddy in blanc/cream, but maybe a mini.
  5. Oh wow...thank u all, they looks so nice.

    But I think say better look for the night time.

    I need a bag for the day for this dress. I wear gold Anne Klein Sandals with it.

    Do you have any else ideas?
  6. OMGOSH those bracelet bags really grab my throat.

    Franky how about a Chloe metalic? A mini (fill in the blank) paddy, betty etc........
  7. susieserb..can you show me a pic or a website to see?

    Thanks so much.
  8. Holy moly! Any of those bracelet bags would just be amazing with that wonderful dress!
  9. If you want to dress it down, the turquoise (matalot) Betty Hobo would look amazing! Especially with the turquoise cardigan you plan on wearing.
  10. Hey girls....I found another cardigan for this dress....but I am not really sure.

    What do you mean???


  11. would a paddy clutch be too small for you? for daytime?

    not sure, I see your gorgeous dress as very versitile, a definite dress down for day, but a wow factor for night, how about this tiny cutie for daytime to go with it

  12. Love the idea of the cream betty!