Which Chloe to use in NY???

  1. I am in anguish...i finally get a flight to NY but due to pure BAD TIMING i arrive on thanksgiving day and have to leave at 7am on Black Friday...HOW SAD IS THAT??!! I can't even shop on thursday as the shops will all be closed!!
    My plan now is to go to Woodbury all the same and shop the few hours that I have left before I have to go(that means midnight till about 5am)...I may suffer the consequences of having NO SLEEP before flying (I have to work a 14 hour flight back to dubai:yucky:) but I have to see the stores at least and try to find myself some good deals!
    OH, so back to my question..which bag should i use while shopping in woodbury? What if it rains?:confused1:I was thinking of the edith but since it is handheld it might be a hassle...is the silverado ok?
  2. not sure what bag but a messenger would good at woodburry....and good luck with your adventure...sounds like fun!
  3. poor abi! I don't know how you are going to deal with this marathon. Don't worry about which purse since any one of them would do. Concentrate on the shopping and looking for things that you might not find in Dubai. There are always special bargains to be had at local retailers and this is your opportunity. You will look cute and hip no matter what Chloe you might be carrying on your arm!
  4. Hmmm... I'd say to carry your least heavy bag when you go to Woodbury! As for sleep - what the heck it's a chance of a lifetime which you've waited for so long - so you'll make up for it when you get back to dubai (just don't spill any coffee on anyone) You'll need all the arm strength you can get and also be light on your feet as you make your way thru Woodbury! Also, I've heard that people line up at 10:30 for the midnite opening, and choose your purchase wisely b/c the line to pay cashier will be long! Maybe call ahead some to some stores you're interested in to see if there's a particular bag you want? And also print out the directory ahead of time and plan your route so you can hit your must-see stores! I've actually never been to Woodbury but want to go so badly 'coz I'm crazy over Jimmy Choo lately:love: Anyway - GOOD LUCK Abi!!!
  5. Abi you're going to have so much adrenaline coursing through your veins, you won't even notice how tired you gonna be.

    Now shop for that purse with a goal and purpose!!

    P.S. (and I can't believe I'm saying this) perhaps you should wear a *gulp* fanny pack to keep your hands free...come on gals she's going to need them for her tug a wars!
  6. Thanks ladies! Am still doing the woodbury thing but I just got my roster for next month and I have 73 hours in HOUSTON starting on the 6th so whatever deals i might not be able to get in woodbury, i might be able to make up for in HOUSTON! YAY!
    I think my choco silverado is the chosen one...was seriously considering a kipling messenger bag but....:tdown: