Which Chloe to get for a shoulder bag lover?

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  1. I don't like to hand carry my bags. Is there a Chloe for me? I know some have handles just long enough to put over the shoulder but I'm really looking for one that's meant to be carried on the shoulder (so that there's plenty of room beneath my armpit and the bag). Can you ladies suggest some style? ANd if you have pics of you wearing your bag on your shoulder, please share! Thanks!
  2. I have some larger paddingtons that go over the shoulder perfectly. I also have a silverado hobo bag that is a single strap shoulder bag. The betty can go over your shoulder but it is not as roomy as some of the others. Probably best to go try some on somewhere.
  3. i like shoulder bags too.. saw the new edith which has an extra shoulder strap.. have a look at nap... i'm hoping someone on the forum would have a pict modelling it!
  4. green_eggs has mentioned some really good ones. But here are some pics from various websites:

    Betty Hobo

    Paddington Hobo

    Silverado Hobo

    Here is another Silverado Hobo, I wonder if they even make this style anymore because I have not seen it anywhere. I personally think its a bad pic of this bag because it looks fully stuffed.

    green_eggs, is the 2nd Hobo pic the bag that you have?
  5. Paddington Satchel
  6. There is a Paddington Shoulder Bag. also Chloe makes a Betty Shoulder Bag.
  7. I agree with noshoepolish, the shoulder bag Paddington is best for you. The straps are adjustable too!
  8. This is me wearing (aerobics clothes, ack) the large paddy tote. It is a wonderful size and totally perfect on the shoulder:


    BTW: I am 5'5"
  9. Thanks everyone! Does anyone have pics of the Paddington satchel and the Paddington shoulder bag?
  10. oops, is the Paddington shoulder bag the same as the hobo?
  11. I say the Paddingtons totally go over the shoulder and are meant to. The straps are kind of long actually.

    Then there are Paddington Hobos and shoulder Paddingtons!!
  12. The Paddington Hobo is to die for - a trully gorgous bag! perfectly made for going over your shoulder.
  13. Let us know what you decide.
  14. I have a metallic silver Silverado hobo and I love it! It's pretty lightweight, especially compared to the Paddy totes, but there's not much going on inside the bag. It only has one zipper compartment and a cell phone holder and the 2 side pockets on the outside of the bag. But the color is TDF! Very comfy on the shoulder though. I have 2 silverado mediums and a paddy as well and the tote is the most comfy of all.