Which Chloe Should I Go For?

  1. Shall I go for the whiskey Edith or the metallic Paddington? I already have a medium red Paddington and Thomas Wylde Portabello
    What do you ladies think? :popcorn:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Whiskey Edith for sure
  3. I would pick the paddington!
  4. It depends on your personal style. The metallic pocket paddy is an edgier looking bag, while the edith is very classic looking. I would be torn between the two as well, because the pocket paddy would be great for me for nights and weekends, while the edith is a good work bag.

    The pocket paddy is a great bag; you can carry it comfortably on your shoulder.
    Not sure how helpful this was....:p
  5. OOOH, Thats a hard choice. Both bags are so great, It really boils down to which do you think you'll use more.
    If you can find them on sale I say get both!!!
  6. Get both!! You're a bad influence.......LOL!

    My heart tells me to go for the Edith so I think she'll be my new purchase
  7. Have you seen that show "what about Brian"? The pregnant woman in that show carries this exact paddington. It looks really good with everything she wears - I dont think you can go wrong!
  8. Argh! Now I want both.....LOL!!!
  9. Edith!:yes:
  10. Well the decision has been made for me as the Paddington on LVR has gone so it's going to be the Edith, thanks everyone :tender:
  11. Yay, I think the Edith will be a great choice and love the color . . . it's classic. Post pix when you get it, pls! :smile:
  12. I am sure you will LOVE it!
  13. Edith - I love it!
  14. Oh I was going to say paddy as I find the Edith bag yuccky! (sorry thats just me!)

    Congrats on your new purchase!
  15. :roflmfao: Why do you think it's yucky?