Which Chloe Faye?

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  1. I love both colors - which one would you choose? Also, the flap is python. Do you think it's worth it since they are high maintenance? Really appreciate your help! :smile:

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  2. oooo i love the second! i saw both in selfridges actually and was instantly drawn to the second.

    The only concern i had was that the leather parts on most of their bags were already scratched by the chain / ring already. But despite that i love love the faye and would love to get one this year !
  3. I love the second one as well :smile:
  4. The first one is a thing of total beauty BUT I do not know how well it will hold up in such a pale colour.
    I would go for the brown personally but thats taking nothing away from the first one :tup:
  5. One more vote for #2!
  6. I like the second one. But would prefer not snakeskin
  7. Thanks everyone! I live in a rainy area, so I have decided that it's not a good idea to have anything python :shucks:
  8. oooh - if that is a concern, i think this bag seemed to be very very very delicate. The display bags in selfridges were already scuffed up (on the smooth leather bit) and they said they had just received them that week!

    I went to Liberty and their bags were even more scuffed. So i didn´t get the faye in the end.

    I think that was my problem with this bag, even though I love it. it just seems really tough to maintain!
  9. Thank you for letting me know :smile: That totally confirmed that I won't be getting this bag anytime soon!
  10. Good choice. It's too hard to spend all day worrying about marking an expensive bag? Good luck choosing an alternative
  11. i think personally it would be better in that case to go for non-python if you like the design!