Which Chloe Bags are these?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I thought the large tote with zippers was the Gladys tote - but the one online only has 2 zippers not 3?
  2. Okay so I just read online that the one with the 3 zippers IS a gladys. However I also read that they only made 100 of this 3 zip style. Can that be true?
  3. The BIG one is the Gladys tote, I believe. I think LVR has some. The others are just smaller versions.
  4. I can only find the gladys purse and large tote on ebay. Maybe their not out yet - or just not as popular?
  5. The one with 3 zippers it the one that I purchased yesterday! Chloe SCP received blue last week and black this week...they are fairly new to the stores in the US.
  6. What color is the blue one? Aside from the obvious! What is the price on the Gladys you bought, SoCal? Does it lengthen when you undo the zippers? And, if so, is it easy to "put back" afterward?
  7. No, the bag does not lengthen. The zippers are easy to open/close, but are really "decoration". The large Gladys shopping tote is just over $2K in the US.

    The blue was a very bright blue, slightly dark (not really turquoise, not navy...somwhere inbetween???).

    Gladys can be worn on the shoulder (w/o coat), but not with the ease of the paddy bags. I think she will be an arm/hand held bag for the most part. (She is heavier than a b-bag.) She looks amazing with simple, classic clothing IMO.
  8. SoCal, the zippers just "open up?" It looks (in the first photo) like there is quite a bit of space between the two zipper sections. I love the look, but I am thinking the three-zipper bag is too big for me. But it is SOOOOOO cute!
  9. Yes, the zippers just open and close. There is leather underneath. I will try it loaded to see if the bag extends with the zippers open (nothing inside yet)... At most, an inch or so may be added to the total length with all zippers open and a stuffed bag. I think of this as my big, bad Gladys bag! (Now listed the whiskey tote for sale as she has been replaced by big, bad Gladys...)
  10. Going to check out your tote...is it on the Marketplace yet?
  11. Just started the thread. I think it takes a brief period of time for the thread to be reviewed and posted.
  12. ^^SoCal, how much was your big bad gal?
  13. Big, bad Gladys tote is $2005. She is a sassy one!
  14. ^^Ouch - that may be too much for me. I do loovveee Gladys though - both the large tote (that you have) and the large bowling bag looking one. That would definitely be my choice if Edith and I don't fall in love! ha ha.
  15. J'adore Gladys:love: :love: :love: ....I feel a purchase coming on....