Which Chloe bag is your favourite?

  1. My favourites Chloe bags are Chloe Paddington and Chloe Kerala.I prefer the black colour.What do you think,which bag is the Chloe queen?I will be glad to hear your opinion.

  2. Mine is the Chloe Bay in Camel :smile:
  3. chloe paddington and edith. Edith in whiskey!
  4. At the moment - Medium Paddington in Grenat (but I like Muscade too).
  5. Paddington!
  6. I love the mini paddys.
  7. So hard to choose, I love them all!!! But right now, for today anyway, my favorite is my gris-vert large front pocket paddy...
  8. I think my favorite are the Betty's believe it or not? Like all Chloe's, they're ripped off by other designers ad nauseum.
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new quilted bay bag in Canelle! Also love the ediths but they are gonna be in the closet for a while!
  10. This is definitely a tough question...but if I HAVE to choose just one....its the small front pocket paddy!
  11. If I had to pick just one it would be my large Ava satchel in Antilope because that bag was my introduction to Chloe products and love the softness of the lambskin leather.If I'm in need of a cute workhorse I reach for one of my Edith satchels ;).
  12. Such a hard question to answer, because I love them all, the last few days I've been carrying my Brown Tall Edith Satchel, it fits on the shoulder and is a great go everywhere bag. I really love and appreciate the beauty of all my Chloe's. I usually carry the one that fits my needs and handbag mood.
    One of my big favorites is my Black Patent Betty tote.
  13. Paddington :tup:
  14. I would say - under duress - the large pocket paddy in my avatar. It probably is the one I carry the most.
  15. I love the two that I own, but am lusting after Heloise Shoulder in Boise (visited with it today :drool:). So dreamy!