Which Chloe bag do you plan/hope to get in the New Year?

  1. With 2006 coming to a close and the NEW YEAR 2007 fast approaching, I was wondering which Chloe bag everyone here is planning to purchase, if any...:drinkup:

    Personally, I love the roche color paddington, but am trying to keep myself on a purse ban until at least mid-year of 2007...

    I just bought my first medium paddington satchel (orig. style) so will have to see if I love the style enough to purchase one in a different color. I have the edith in more than one style so I don't need anymore... I am interested in the bay bag in the tan/light camelish color but will have to see more of them IRL and hear from other pfers who purchase them first.
  2. I am definitely buying a medium satchel after Christmas. I am torn now between Mousse and Grenat. At the moment I am leaning towards Grenat. I might buy a Medium Mousse and a baby Grenat... LOL.
  3. I :heart: both those colors! I own a mousse small (med?) pocket paddington (the professor) at the moment, my only paddington, until my whiskey medium satchel arrives next week! I think the Grenat is also a beautiful color! Good luck w/ur purchases in the New Year, rinstar311~!
  4. am looking forward to seeing the new Bay IRL, and also seeing what Chloes go on sale in the new year, which might tempt me a little more. I saw a gorgeous Tracy in a deep blue, which I am hoping might go on sale as they have not proved to be that popular ;)
  5. Teal paddington (or whatever that color is called)
    Nutmegish edith hobo (yes, I actually like it!)
  6. I don't know if I'll get any more Chloes come the new year. I do love the Tracy though.
  7. Thanks! I will definitely post pics when I find my lovely Paddy!
  8. Metalic blue clutch
  9. I shouldn't get any more chloes as I already have 6 paddys but I'm curious to see roche paddington irl... I hope I dont fell in love but I'm afraid that might happen....:biggrin:
  10. I am getting a grenat in january!
  11. Hee! :yahoo:

  12. Just ordered the Edith Large Satchel in chamois from Bergdorf's! I forgot to expedite the shipping when I checked out so the order confirmation said it would arrive by Jan. 2 -- just at the start of the new year!!!
  13. I've always wanted a medium Taupe Paddy satchel. I've had and sold both the Chocolate and Whiskey satchels this year, as they didn't quite quench my thirst for a Taupe! Hopefully I'll stumble across a good deal on a new or gently used one! If anyone sees one out there on a sale table let me know! :search:
  14. oh man, i thought i was done for awhile but that roche sounds so tempting...
  15. I just got my first Paddy in the mail today!!!!!:yahoo: :wlae: :rochard: :happydance: It's the medium in Aubergine. I loooooooove it so much. I should probably just enjoy this one and not even think about the next purse, but...:blush: :devil: you know how it is, ladies! I want Anthracite and the metallic Bleu Nuit. Probably in the medium as well, although the baby with shoulder strap intrigues me. I'm really in love with Mousse also; that's the color that sucked me in to Chloeland. I'm going to go play with my new toy now! :party: