which charm do you guys like better?

  1. So I want to get a charm for my black large leather ergo hobo, and am debating between these two. which one do you guys think would look better with black?



  2. They are both cute, but I prefer the heart. If these are the luggage tag charms, though, they are HUGE! I saw them in the store and they are like the size of my palm!
  3. I really like the star. I think the purple will go really well with the black, imho!
  4. I think the heart is really cute.
  5. For shape, I like the heart. For color to go with black, I prefer the red.
  6. thanks for the input, yeah i didn't realize how BIG they are...well I do need some bling on my bag, but maybe I will wait for the new winter key fobs to come out before getting anything. :girlsigh:
  7. I have the heart! I really like it!
  8. I want the heart but I think the star would match better with the black. There are some cute keyfobs coming out soon and they would be smaller if you don't want one that large. I love the larger charms myself!
  9. I like the heart one alot better.
  10. I like the heart better :yes:
  11. maybe wait for smaller fobs like someone said.... it really IS huge! they would look better on huge bags just cuz they re so huge... i mean even the chain is long.. then again it is a large hobo... better to go in the store
  12. I just bought the heart yesterday to go on my new large black leather Carly. I really wanted the peace sign but it did not look good with the bag. The heart was really cute though!
  13. i think that the star charm would look better with your bag.
  14. I love the heart (either colour) with your black hobo. :smile:
  15. The star!!!