Which Charity do you donate your used/unwanted clothing, toys, etc to?

  1. I usually donate them to Vietnam Veterans of America or to Purple Heart but I'm not really sure what they do with them. I'd rather that they give them away to people in need rather than sell them.
  2. There is a local, not-for-profit cancer society shop near my house which is run by little old ladies and is where I donate most things. I don't like giving to big corporations like Goodwill bc I've heard they jack the prices up and the execs pocket the money. People who need to shop there can't even afford to!
  3. I try to give them away to people I know are in need. Through the church or school. That way the people who need them get them for free. Kids books always go to the schools/teachers and friends...same with toys and baby items, not hard to find a home for them at all. Adult books and magazines I send to the soldiers or take them to the hospital I volunteer at. Some clothing I give to the senior center, where there rip them up and make quilts from the material.

    Other things, I give to the goodwill, even though I do agree with etagaya, sometimes their prices seem high...but they are convienent and it is better than filling a land fill, kwim?
  4. I donate to Lupus Foundation of America and people I know who need clothes.
  5. Goodwill. Has a huge warehouse EVERYWHERE where you can drop stuff off.
  6. I donate to Safe Nest, a local Bettered Woman's shelter. They pick up at my home and anything that isn't needed for the woman and children in the shelter are sold in their thift store and the monies raised used for the shelter.
  7. Goodwill, Salvation Army and The Visiting Nurse's Association which comes to our area about twice a year.
  8. People I know that need them or Goodwill.
  9. Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul's.
  10. I donated some old toys to a childrens hospital
  11. I usually donated items to either a local church that accepts donations or to Goodwill or a place like that.
  12. There is a local organization in my community that helps ladies who are liberating themselves from abusive situations.

    Because the actual liberation process frequenly involves arrival at the safe house with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, and the bag, if any, that they are carrying, clothes, accesories, and anything you can think of are welcome. You might give them a call first and ask about specific or most urgent needs so you can keep a special eye out for those items as you go through your closet.

    And as an added bonus, unless your org is well-funded enough to have more than one location, they will come pick stuff up, as the actual location must be undisclosed in order to remain a secure one!
  13. Thanks everyone! You have given me many ideas of where else to donate. I will look into these charities and see if they pick up or where I can drop them off.

    I've been donating to VVOA and Purple Heart for so many years because it's convenient, I suppose. They send a flier in the mail letting us know which day their truck will be in our neighborhood and all we have to do is call and let them know that we have something for them. We leave the bag/box on the front porch for them to pick up on the scheduled day.

    The fact that I love to declutter my closets many times a year and having children who outgrow their clothes so often, it seems that I almost always have something to give away. That is why I wanted to give to different charities. Spread out my goodwill. LOL

    Safe Nest sounds like a good place to donate to. I'll have to check and see if there's one in my area.

    How can I find out what each charity does with the items they receive? Is there a website that explains different charities and what they do?

    Thanks again.
  14. Local Volunteer Fire Dept. Garage sale..................They raise money for holiday food and toy drives and they award scholarships to 2 graduating seniors every yr.
  15. Salvation Army, Goodwill or ARC