which chanels are classic/timeless and which are seasonal?

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  1. I'm sorry it this seems like a stupid question but I want to make sure I'm not comfortable spending $2000 on a bag that will go out of style in 6 months. I like the luxe and the modern chain one in particular. also the timeless clutch. thanks
  2. oh the list is really too long to try and name everything.
    The Timeless clutch is "Timeless" = Classic/permanent
    The Modern Chain and Luxe are not, but IMO, the Luxe Ligne is classic to last a long time.
    A few Timeless Classic are the Classic Flaps, The GST/PST & clutch.
  3. thank you! and what about the rock and chain? I'm also eyeing a tote/shoulder bag with braided (chain and leather) handle, but I dont know what its called. Thanks
  4. wait. Luxe ligne is the bowler and flap right? because i'm really eyeing the bowler in black! are they going to be producing it again soon? because I know its almost impossible to get! thanks
  5. none of the above mentioned are Timeless Classic {permanent}, but most will come back for another season in new colros and finishes.
  6. Thanks Swanky! btw I'm loving this forum. I think I'm gonna buy a lot more bags reading and learning about all this different bags! I just realized Swanky is the moderator, thanks for all the work! I'm sure this is a LOT of hard work=)
  7. Glad to have you!
    I actually moderate the entire Purse Forum, but Chanel is my fave so I'm ALWYAS in here! :biggrin:
    tPF is SOO busy, so there's lots of work, but it's so worth it!