Which Chanel will make a good diaper bag?


Jul 15, 2014
Chicago, IL
Hi! I'm looking for a Chanel big and durable enough for a diaper bag. With my first born I used the Chanel travel line bag and it held up pretty good. The only thing is I wish there were more pockets! I am leaning toward a caviar bag but canvas or lambskin will do as well. Is there a Chanel that is similar to the LV Totally MM? That would be ideal for me. I just preferred Chanel over LV. Thank you!


Nov 15, 2013
I'd think the Chanel Cerf Executive tote would make a great diaper bag. I've seen celebs carry their dogs around in it, so I'm sure it would hold plenty of supplies! Both of my SA's have one right now. They must be pretty easy to come by.



Jan 12, 2006
I'll go ahead and say never! The spirit of Chanel isn't to be practical ;) :P lol


Aug 18, 2012
I would think that the GST would be a great diaper bag and the price is still 'good' for Chanel.


Dec 5, 2010
i vote for the seasonal tote (first pic) that you posted. it looks very similar to the neverfull

Well, considering what it will be used for I would recommend a seasonal tote. The Grained Calfskin tote is gorgeous but not as pricey as the cerf or other classic totes (i.e gst, pst). It may even still be available in stores.

Or maybe even a pre-owned Biarritz? (second photo)


Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island
My vote goes to the first pic by LuxBagLvr. It's the grand shopping tote. There is a gold version that looks similar but without zipped top that is currently in store at NM.

Well, considering what it will be used for I would recommend a seasonal tote. The Grained Calfskin tote is gorgeous but not as pricey as the cerf or other classic totes (i.e gst, pst). It may even still be available in stores.

Or maybe even a pre-owned Biarritz? (second photo)

Luv iz Louis

Jul 22, 2012
I could not see any Chanel as a diaper bag - I save too hard for them & could not use them in that way - but I think a Louis Vuitton Neverfull would be great and less worry free?


Nov 30, 2013
Imo none work! I once considered a GST for DS and my friend showed me how it didnt fit through the gap under the stroller cot to get placed in the basket. (She had an icandy and so did I)
You could potentially damage the shape if you force it to fit. And then it will be lying on its side so nothing will stay where you put it as it is an open bag.

This is ofcourse unless you plan on carrying your nappy bag as opposed to putting it in the stoller basket.. which when you have your hands full.. doesnt happen that much!

It also depends on what you mean by nappy bag. If you are just popping out for a hour or two one nappy, travel wipes will do. But if you need the full, all-day nappy bag (nappies, wipes, bottles, change of clothes, changing mat, toys, muslins..) it needs to be something you can throw on the changing room floor and i would never do that in a toilet with a chanel even a beach bag! It needs to be something that can get dirty with leaky milk. Tommee Tippee bottles leak despite being good. You dont want a milky chanel!! :lol:


Mar 3, 2013
Definitely the cerf/executive tote (the first pic)
It has a removable zipped large pouch and lots of space.
It also has an extra shoulder strap so you can carry it crossbody.
The bag reminded me of a diaper bag/bags that come with your stroller.
I made a mental note that I would use it for that purpose when the time came! :smile:


Feb 13, 2011
Ban Island
I would not use Chanel as diaper bag cause it's not what it made for. I suggest you to get Kate Spade diaper bag for your new born since their design is more practical. If you really want a Chanel as diaper bag, then GST is a good option.


Aug 19, 2011
I think it would be hard to use a Chanel as a diaper bag as well. As others have mentioned, they're not really meant for it and I'd have a heart attack if it got misshapen or stained.

That said, I did try to use an LV Neverfull as a diaper bag myself. I had an MM size and it was ok, used it with a purse organizer inside (Purse to go) so just in case something did leak, at least there would be some barrier between the spill and my purse lining. However, I did end up just getting a regular diaper bag to use because I realized that when I had the bag loaded up, I really didn't want to carry it anyways because it's too heavy so it would sit underneath the stroller. And if you're not even carrying the bag, then who cares what it is?

Currently I just use the big diaper bag when we're going to be out all day, and I carry my own smaller purse. If we have the stroller, then the daiper bag goes on the stroller, and I carry my bag. If we're just running out for a quick errand or dinner, then I just stick a diaper, wipes, and couple essentials inside my small purse and don't bring a diaper bag. I usually use my LV Favorite MM when I'm out with the little one because it's cross-body, light, and hands free but still large enough for my stuff and a few baby essentials. I also have a neverull GM now, which I like better but again, if you're going to be holding the baby and carrying a big bag, it gets really heavy.

I wouldn't use a Chanel when I have the baby with me because sometimes she'll kick the bag while I'm holding her. It's fine for my LVs, they can take it, but I wouldn't want my Chanel getting kicked or stepped on.

Hope that helps!