Which CHANEL wallet do you recommend?

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  1. Hi all :heart:,

    I would like to know which chanel wallet you would recommend. It has to be black caviar, hold a checkbook, and credit cards.

    To give you an idea of what I'm using now...my LV porte tresor international wallet, measures 7.5" L X 4" H.

    I am not familiar with the designs, so all the help I can get would be truly appreciated. Pictures would be wonderful too. Thanks so much!!! :yes:
  2. I'm not a fan of carvier skin and I think Cambon or Cotton Club wallet will look better. Anyway, I try to find some pic of cavier wallet that you might like.

    here is the 1st one.
    img10152394407.jpg ch-ko060902-3-2.jpg ch-ko060902-3-3.jpg ch-ko060902-3-5.jpg
  3. Here is the 2nd one with no section to hold coins.
    img10151985634.jpg ch-ko060227-3-2.jpg ch-ko060227-3-5.jpg
  4. and here are other alternative choices which you might like :smile:
    w.jpg w3.jpg w1.jpg w2.jpg
  5. I like the cotton club wallet. They are very beautiful in white / light silver! Or the flap wallet!
  6. and this is the one I like most ! (if you're OK with the zippy wallet)
    d1.jpg d2.jpg d3.jpg
  7. How about this one? :idea:
    g1.jpg g2.jpg g3.jpg g4.jpg
  8. and I think this one is the most classic and exactly what you want (instead it didn't made of cavier skin).

    PS: I hope I can help.
    b.jpg b1.jpg b2.jpg b3.jpg
  9. Vicky,
    I really like the looks of the First and the second wallet! Can you tell me more (price, style, leather...)

  10. is there a wallet that has a clear window for a lisence? (i know i spelled that wrong). my mom wants one and i can't find any. thanks!

    i love the last wallet. so classic.
  11. I don't know about the cavier skin accessories much as am not a fan or it :sweatdrop:. Anyway, I try to find the answer for you. The price is around 250-270 GB pounds, it made of cavier skin and I think it is a normal check book wallet.

    Will you consider about the cotton club or cambon in the same style?? I think it looks better.
  12. I think Chanel have none but LV might have it.
  13. Chanel doesn't have one w/ a license window as far as I know.
    Here's mine, it's from the PNY Ligne it holds my checkbook:
    DSCF2072.jpg DSCF2067.jpg DSCF2074.jpg
  14. I like this one the best!
  15. This was the best wallet ever made. I have one in darkwhite and darkgold. I would be surprised to see any more still available for sale.