Which CHANEL style would you recommend in WHITE???

  1. Hi all :smile:,

    I'm looking for a crisp white Chanel shoulder bag with silver hardware for the summer. It has to be bright white, not like the white with grey undertones such as the baby cabas.

    Which style would you recommend? Also, no lambskin as it is hard to take care of. Thanks! :heart:
  2. How about a Caviar Flap in White? its super crisp white and so beautiful. I love mine

    i have a pic.....be right back.....
  3. [​IMG]
  4. classic flap
  5. I agree - classic flap in caviar.
  6. i love the caviar flap or the east/west in white. so crisp and clean!
  7. baby cabas
  8. my only white bag is the e/w flap w/ the new chain.
  9. Thanks Iluvbags for your photo. I already have the classic flap in black and I don't really want to get the same style in white. I want more variety in my collection.

    Any other suggestions?
  10. takeoutbox, i think the e/w is too small.
  11. this is too difficult!

  12. I see. Well how about a Grand Shopping tote in white? Sorry. Don't have a pic of that
  13. pst?
  14. I love the GST in white! So classy and cool.

  15. Hmmm...ive got a GST in black. There goes having two bags but a different color, but the next poster recommended a PST in white. :graucho: