Which Chanel store in NY city have the most stock?

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  1. I am going to NY City in X'mas. Just wondering which Chanel store have the most stock?

    Hoping to get a bag when I'm there.

  2. i don't know about stock but the soho store has a very cool and helpful computer with photos and info about all the bags (not just the ones carried by the boutiques)...i hope you have a great trip!
  3. My suggestion is to hit up the Midtown area -- 3-5 stores that carry Chanel bags -- on one go. There you have the 57th St. flagship boutique, Bergdorf Goodman (right across the street from 57th St. boutique), and Saks all situated within close proximity of one other (walking distance). Chances are any bag you're looking for you can find it at one of those 3 stores....i.e. if it exists in NYC, it should be in one of those stores. Chanel's Madison Ave boutique is also just a few blocks away, as is Bloomingdales (59th & Lexington -- but they generally have a very limited selection).
  4. Thank you. I hope I'll have a nice trip too!
  5. great suggestion! I will plan my Chanel hunting route.
  6. ^^^That's what I plan on doing in December when I visit NYC! I'm going to drag my poor boyfriend from one Chanel boutique to another. :P

  7. I would suggest going to the Chanel boutique in Soho for better customer service and SA's. Sabrina or Michael at the Soho store are awesome! I've worked with both before. Sabrina let me try on practically every bag in the store when I was deciding on a bag to purchase and she was willing to bring out more than 1 bag from the stock room so I can pick and choose. I would say they have a pretty good selection in stock. The department stores like Bergdorf, Saks or Bloomingdales tend to get crazy crowded and busy during the holiday season and the SA's at dept. stores are not the best to work with if you plan on trying on bags and looking at various styles before purchasing one. It's more of a "grab and go" kind of deal purchasing at the dept. stores and you practically have to grab a SA to get their attention. I just wanted to share my experience. Have fun shopping in NYC and good luck on finding your perfect bag.
  8. I would suggest you hit up Saks on Fifth Avenue. Not only will you see the gorgeous Xmas displays, but if you find a Chanel bag you want, you can have it SHIPPED TO YOU WITH NO TAX ADDED. (Provided shipping address is outside NY)
  9. Really?! you mean the 8% tax?

    I have no idea about the no tax...
  10. Twice a year I plan a trip to New York to visit family. During those trips I make it a priority to visit Chanel boutiques. Each and every time I find a bag I love, it's not hard, I have it sent to my home in AZ. We don't have a Chanel boutique here so I save a close to $200 on each purchase! I have also done this at the Hershleiffer's store in Manhasset! I love saving the money, that makes the old ball and chain happy and when I do get home, I have my brand new Chanel just waiting for me!!
  11. A lot of department stores and some Chanel boutiques can give you tax free purchases. One way of doing this is to do a charge-send, and you automatically get no tax if there are no locations of that particular store in your state. For instance, if you don't have Neiman Marcus in your state and your order from NM they will automatically not charge you tax.

    Another way is for your SA to mark the gift as a "gift", and that way they don't have to charge you tax. Not all places do this, and it does depend on your SA. :yes:
  12. useful information~
  13. Do you know how much they charge for shipping? if ship overseas?
  14. I agree. :tup: If you can stand all the tourists it's an amazing experience and the SAs are sooo nice, especially Jonathan Snipes. I :heart: him.

  15. Some of these stores also offer visitor discounts when you present your out-of-state drivers license. For example, Bloomingdales will give you 11% off any purchase you make for the entire day. I believe Chanel is one of the exemptions, but it doesn't hurt to have the card if you decide to buy other stuff! You'll just need to make a pit-stop in at their visitor's center to get the card. Hope this helps and have a great trip!