Which Chanel should I keep?Can a girl have too many bags?


The red or the black chanel?

  1. Red- Funky and Young

  2. Black - Sophisticated and practical

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  1. So, I am obsessed with vintage bags and recently bought several vintage gucci doctor/satchel bags...but my real love is Chanel, I just purchased two of the exact same style one in red and one in black. Here is a picture of the red one.

    Which one would look better? Should I keep both of them? Can a girl have too many bags?

  2. First off, a girl can not have too many Chanel bags! there are so many lovely styles to choose from! I say keep the red if you love the red shade (the right red is so hard to find) and sell the black to purchase a black in a different style. Take it from me, you need variety in your Chanel collection! don't by two colors in every style you like. (I can say this because I've learned the hard way)!
  3. Thanks for the advice! Here is a picture of the black one.
  4. I usually would say the red-but I love the black one!
  5. If the red on the vintage bag is nice and vibrant, I'll say keep the red.
  6. I love the red color actually, maybe the black has to go, I have a balenciaga black bag that I would probably wear more often.
  7. Keep the red! Out with the black!
  8. I think red is better
  9. in this case, i think i like the red. you can get the black in a different classic style.