which chanel should I go for?

  1. 2.55 beige large calfskin OR black 2.55 washed lambskin?? please help me to choose. :yes: TIA
  2. It would be the beige calfskin for me if those were my choices.
  3. Wow....hmmmmm. I have the grey distressed 2.55 and since I'm pretty conservative I'd probably go for the black over the beige but that's just me. Whenever I'm presented with a choice and it's between beige and, say, chocolate I pick the chocolate every time. So, I'd probably pick the black....unless you already have black.
  4. thanks Bagpuss.. may I know your reason to choose the beige? or maybe you can recommend me other style?
  5. I haven't got both colors :sad: so it's hard to choose. I'm looking for something I can wear in any occasion when i'm dressing up and down
  6. To tell the truth I just saw the word "washed" and pictured the pastels that came out this spring- I am not a fan of that look but I haven't seen the black. I love the style of the 2.55 so I might change my vote for the black.:lol:
  7. I'd pick calfskin over lambskin. The lambskin is VERY delicate, my SA says she never carries her out of fear for damaging it.
  8. these are the pictures...
    IMGP3775.JPG beige.jpg
  9. Black! But then I listen to the Cure.
  10. Id' choose the beige calfskin. Lambskin is just too delicate.
  11. beige is very eyecatching
  12. beige beige
    i wanna grap one also, where is the beige caviar still available?
  13. i went to chanel and felt the washed lambskin.. WOW IT FEELS AMAZING! i would go for the black one cuz i love dark bags... for fear of getting lighter colors dirty =)
  14. i vote for the 2.55 beige large calfskin