which chanel should i get

Jul 31, 2006
My aunt is trying to buy me a graduation present and I'm stuck on something purple for the summer. I want to get a flap, but im debating between the new east/west or a med/large classic flap. I'm 5'0 so I dont want to get anything too big, but my mom insists that I should get a jumbo... any suggestions?


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Nov 2, 2007
i would go for the med/large flap in purple! well i dont kno about jumbo it looks cute and all but for some people its heavy so im not sure.. med/large flap as ive seen on reference just fits the necessary stuff! you can check them out in the reference library!!


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May 17, 2006
I wuld definitely go for jumbo as the size is larger and can stuff more things but not medium/large size.

Actually i don't think jumbo will look big on someone who is not tall or petite in height. I'm not tall either but i love huge bags~
Jul 31, 2006
well the thing is I don't have a boutique close by to where I live. There is one at the Saks which is about 1.5 hr away, but they usually don't have the best selection since they only receive a few bags. The next one is 3 hours away from me, so it's difficult for me to try on diff bags to see which size fits best. I love big bags, but don't mind the smaller ones. I already have a black baby cabas, a white gst, and this brown accordian flap (dont remember what its called). My sister has the black gst, this other white bag with a modern looking chain (don't remember what it is,just got it in vegas) and the white caviar medallion. So we together have all fairly large bags and we can share. maybe it's time for a smaller one? Does the jumbo flap come in purple. i just really really want something purple!

thanks for all the input though! it's alot of help!