which chanel should i buy ?!

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  1. Hello everyone ! :biggrin:
    let me start by saying that i am in love with chanel bags, and i finally decided that i am old enough to buy a chanel bag.
    The problem is that i am totally confused, as i dont know which chanel should i buy as my very first chanel bag.
    So, what do you guys think...
    i was thinking of buying the classic extra large jumbo maxi with silver hardware ... is that a good choice ?
    or should i get the tote resiuse in navy blue ?
  2. I would suggest go to a Chanel store and try what looks best for you. Sometimes, others choices might not work for you and you'll just end up regretting.
  3. I agree. Go to a boutique and try on different styles.

    I do think a black flap of some sort is a great first Chanel though, generally. But again, it is all up to the individual!
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    Hi, welcome to Chanel...please be aware that it is a slippery slope and whatever bag you choose, will merely be the first of many! :graucho:

    You are contemplating the maxi versus the reissue tote? First of all, do you want a flap or a tote bag? Also, do you like this season's new maxi or last season's maxi? There are also vintage maxi bags available (from resellers).

    You seem to like large size bags based on your two choices. I personally think the most classic Chanel bag is the jumbo flap but if you need a larger size flap bag for your belongings, I'd go with last season's maxi or the vintage version (I'm not a fan of the new season's maxi). There are threads on the last season's maxi regarding the winging and soft caviar...many members did not favor it.

    If you are looking towards a tote bag, I think the reissue tote is a good choice...that or the classic GST.

    Your best bet is to go to a nearby Chanel Boutique/Dept Store and try the bags on for size and see what works best.

    Sorry for the rambling!!! HTH :P
  5. I definately recommend going to a store and trying on bags. once you find the one that takes your breath away.. it's really meant to be. i just bought my first chanel and had tossed up between 3 or 4 different bags before deciding.
  6. ^_^ ooow waw! thanks everyone for the help !
    i went to the boutique in selfridges and fell in love with the new maxi in black caviar, it's soo pretty and i felt it was soo me, plus it's perfect as a first bag as it's a classic chanel.
    but then i saw a huge tote called the Paris-Biarritz tote and it looked amazing! ..
    but i guess i will go for the new maxi as my first chanel :heart: !
  7. good choice!! :smile:
  8. A sensible but heart felt choice - very well done.
  9. the maxi is beautiful and a classic. Wise choice :P
  10. These ladies are right! definitely go to a chanel store and check them out.

    Also, you may decide you might not want black (even though it is a neutral color), you may find a color that really matches your style and natural complexion (which I feel, is more important and easier to match than a neutral black flap if there are other color choices)
  11. I would vote for maxi too if $$$ is not a major consideration. It will make a great first Chanel! The Biarritz is chic and functional too but not as glam and versatile as the maxi.