which Chanel should be my first?

  1. I've been dying to get a Chanel, but I have no idea what to get. I want something that can comfortably fit a spiral notebook plus some. I carry my whole room with me. Any suggestions? I've looked over so many photos, I just don't know what I want. Help, please!
  2. would a GST work for you?
  3. I agree with the Grand Shopping Tote or GST. You can get away with a few spiral notebooks. I don't think you can stuff your life into it but it works. :yes:
  4. How abt cerf tote?
  5. Tell us more about your lifestyle -- spiral books -- student? If so, what about a PB tote. They're impervious to the elements. I don't know that I'd schlep school books in a a jumbo or other structured bag. That's an expensive book-bag. Then again, I just jumped to the conclusion that you're a student and I may well be incorrect.

    Try on some of the purses and see what you love, what suits your needs.

    Have fun looking, shopping!!!
  6. cerf tote, parris biarritz or gst.
  7. I just got my 1st Chanel, the Medallion tote in black w/gold hardware and LOVE it..I take it everywhere!
  8. Yes, I am a student so I like to take my notes with me everywhere so if I ever have a spare moment I can study. I wasn't sure about the GST and usually when I go to the store I like to be in and out. Definitely need to go and try it out. Thanks everyone!!
  9. How about the larger sized Baby Cabas bag? It's nice and roomy and comfy as well.
  10. let us know what you decide :smile:
  11. I second this!!

    [​IMG] Here's what's in mine everyday with room to spare!!