Which Chanel purchase(s) did you regret?

  1. But it's such a pretty color! I have been hunting for one but in caviar cuz I don't trust myself with lambskin =X You could always spa the bag if it gets worn?
  2. I've never brought a bag to get a spa treatment. Who does it? how does it turn out?
  3. Well I did it...I just took my first Chanel (Chanel Black Caviar Briefcase) to a consignment store. It was sad because it was my first purchase, but I did truly regret buying it because I have such little use for it. I'm not one for pieces to just sit in a case or box.

    :crybaby:Felt soooo strange walking away from the bag....though of course, someone has to buy it first.
  4. Awww why mot sell it on eBay. Doesnt consignment store take more of a commission on the items. On eBay you can get most of your $ back :smile:
  5. Well we worked out a deal. I said I would only sell it in the consignment store if I got a minimum price. So instead of doing a 50/50 split, we are doing like an 80/20. The store does get Chanel's but not very often so we were able to sign a deal (paperwork etc). I was still hard to think that it is just sitting in a store. The store has a website,so she might put it on there too. (I don't want to give all the details because I don't want to get accused of promoting my own sales on this site).

    I am very apprehensive about selling on ebay. I have purchased Chanels and CLs before on ebay, but I"m so scared to sell.
  6. Yes, it just has sat in my closet since I purchased it. I feel jumbos are too heavy and I prefer reissues, but I just had to search high and low for the limited edition black jumbo with bhw until I got one a few months ago. It is a beautiful bag but I do not carry because it is too heavy for me:sad: I hate it does not get used. That one is a regret for me and probably really the only one I knew better.
  7. I would love to have it in a caviar jumbo too I have it In a caviar maxi and never carry it either:sad:
  8. Ditto
  9. I have another purchase I regret. My flats. Prior to being pregnant, I wore a size 35. They were snug, but fine. However, after pregnancy, I can no longer fit into them comfortably for more than 5 mins. Such a waste since I was only able to enjoy it less than a handful of times. Thinking about selling it though.
  10. ...just saw this post and wanted to say thanks. :smile:
  11. My m/l beige with ghw lambskin. Practically brand new sitting in my closet. *sigh*
  12. I had my m/l beige claire caviar with ghw I purchased several months ago nwt i just sold today.
  13. @ roe, you are funny. Maybe place something on bottom of bag so it doesn't sag. And I agree, try selling it on eBay :smile:
  14. A black lambskin backpack for $1995 15yrs ago in Vegas, should have bought a classic like a jumbo instead:pout:
  15. This is going to sound weird since I know a lot of you ladies are jumbo fans...I regret purchasing my black caviar jumbo. It has been sitting in my closet for the last 6 months gathering dust. It is far too heavy for me to carry as an everyday bag and being only 5'1" who never wears heels, I feel it doesn't look proportionate to my size. Way too large.