Which Chanel purchase(s) did you regret?

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  1. I don't have any regrets for the time being, thank goodness. I love the classics that I've purchased recently, but I'm very interested in what others have regretted so I can take it into consideration when making future purchases.
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  2. so far...i luv all my chanels...no regrets ...as yet
  3. Happy to say ...No regrets!
  4. mmm....there are items that I bought but I rarely used them, though they are still pretty and I still love them, so I won't say I regret buying them. Probably the one that I did kinda regret (and eventually sold) is the pink with black logo cambon bowling bag. It's just not too comfy to be carried on shoulder. And my taste has changed I no longer like bag with huge logo on.
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  5. I wouldn't say regret because I did like it for the time I had it, but I bought and then sold a 227 grey reissue. I just didn't use it even though it was beautiful. I don't regret having it for the time I did, and I don't regret selling it either:smile:
  6. I have to admit I had second thoughts on my beige GST caviar, but not because of the bag itself but for the color. It was not as pretty as I thought, I even got to think that it was fake!!! (which I know it's impossible because I bought it from a Chanel store).
    I love the bag, but the color is not the best one Chanel has made, however, I'm keeping it because it's practical and goes with most of my working girl wardrobe.
  7. a black and white tote representig windows with Coco Chanel, Karl Largerfel, chanel n°5. I loved it but to carry it was a different thing. It looked like a bag you give to a girl for her to play the lady. So i sold it.
  8. i have no regrets! i have 4 "classic" classics, one trendy, and two that i have created my own category for: Whimsical Classic - meaning they have a classic look, won't ever go out of style, but have a little "twist" or two that make them less classic than the classic, but not trendy..........


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  9. no regrets.....(thankfully)
  10. Nothing regrettable yet.
  11. I have no regret with me cambon wallet and tote. I love it so much.
  12. A few months after I bought my coco cabas (original black leather)--I regretted it, because it didn't have enough structure for a work bag. But I ended up keeping it, and am now loving it again. I'm kind of wishy washy with this one.

    The one bag I truly regret is my modern chain flap. When I bought it, I loved it--but it didn't hold all my stuff. So I bought the modern chain tote, which is perfect. I held onto the flap thinking I'd use it for a "dinner bag", but I've yet to carry it. And now it's too late to return it, so I kind of regret keeping it.
  13. no regrets! ....yet lol
  14. No real regrets, except maybe my one and only Chanel purchase from Ebay... it's an adorable pink bag shaped somewhat like the Marc Jacobs stam. However, the size is larger than I expected/wanted and I've only used it once. Otherwise an adorable bag and I shouldn't complain because I did get it for a STEAL!
  15. So far so good... no big regrets yet i think. :P:P