Which chanel mini square??

  1. Im absolutely obssessed with the mini atm... and i found these two gorgeous pieces but cant decide on which one!! Would love your opinion. Ideally I would love a chanel mini flap in black quilted caviar with SHW. But I found these two pieces and cant decide!

    Black quilted lambskin vs. Caviar chevron

    Which would you pick?? Pros and cons? Im in two minds about the chevron. I like that its different and edgy, but Im so drawn to the classic chanel quilts! Wouls love your opinion! Or alternatively, hold out and wait for a chanel quilted caviar mini flap 😂😂😂
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  2. Personally I would get the chevron caviar! But I have kids so my lifestyle can be rough and I need a tough bag. Both are gorgeous but you should pick what would best suit your lifestyle and taste. Good luck!
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  3. Both are gorgeous! Chevron caviar -- its simply gorgeous, feels and looks great and is so refreshing!

    That being said, go with the one which speaks to you more. I was recently in the same dilemma about the classic quilted vs chevron caviar flap -- in the end i went with chevron because it melted my heart the way the classic quilted didn't (possibly because you see it everywhere) and also because I knew the classic quilted would always be available but I may never find the chevron again :lol:

    Good luck deciding!!
  4. i would get the chevron. it's beautiful and different. you can buy another quilted mini in a beautiful color later.
  5. Chevron!
  6. I like the Chevron also because it looks different. May I ask which store you locate this and how much? TIA!!
  7. Chevron! I think it looks better then the reg mini.
  8. Regular
  9. I prefer quilted over chevron
  10. Chevron
  11. One vote for the quilted classic.
    I feel that the Chevron should be in colors to make it more special :smile:
    Good luck deciding and keep us updated! ^_^
  12. Upvote for quilted! Just personal take, it elevates your look rather than distract from it, at least in this photo. I also love the luxe of lambskin. Good luck deciding, can't go wrong any which way!
  13. I love the chevron!!
  14. To be honest they both look great on you so you can't go wrong....I guess it just depends on your personal style whether you want a bag you can wear more casual like the chevron or dress up more like the quilted but they both can be dressed up or down too. Personally I like the Chevron bag best on you :smile: Can't wait to hear what you pick!
  15. I have the chevron caviar mini in black and LOVE it :smile: I think it looks more edgy too while still timeless. I already have a few quilted bags and wanted something different. I also prefer caviar as it is care free and I have a baby too. I also think the chevron looks better on you in this particular bag but that is just my opinion! Can't go wrong with either. Good luck!