Which Chanel Luxury Metallic Bowler do you like Best?

  1. I've been contemplating a Chanel Luxury Bowler after sighting all the gorgeous ones on you lovely ladies in the forum :tender: ...but which colour?:wacko:

    Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks so much! :flowers:

    Goatskin Metallic Black
    Goatskin Metallic Silver
    Goatskin Metallic Gold
  2. I personally love the black!
  3. black for sure.
  4. Another vote for black!
  5. I like the gold best.
  6. Gold :love:
  7. my vote goes for bronze.
  8. I love the black.
  9. I like them all. . . it depends on what you already have on which I'd recommend.

    For most people, I'd say metallic black. If you already have a few god black staples, I'd say silver or bronze although bronze isn't on your list.
  10. Thanks for all your votes everyone, I'm still open to opinions. :wlae:

    Hi Swanky Mama of three, Bronze isn't in my list because I actually turned the Bronze Deerskin Bowler down after seeing it in real life. The colour was too dark and muted for my liking. :P

    It reminded me more of a Dark Brown than any metallic colour. I have also ordered the Reissue 226 in a BRONZE so that will satisfy me Bronze craving for a while! :girlsigh:
  11. Accessorize*me,
    Reissue in bronze is that a copper color? I read on the forum that the reissue would come on copper. I am making a list for my SA as we speak. As for the bowler color, large gold bowler at our house. However, the bronze looks so beautiful on the pictures. Sorry to hear that you did not like it IRL.
  12. Hi ktown, thanks for your vote!

    No, it was the Bronze colour with the silver hardware previously posted by another tpfer. Not the new copper which should have copper hardware right? (Correct me if I'm wrong...)

    I agree the Bronze looks gorgeous in pics. It could just be me. I really liked the Metallic 'Zing' given to the finish of the Goatskin. The Bronze just faded into the background comparatively...But that's just my view.

  13. I like the gold.
  14. ^^I agree, I remember seeing one shade of broze at the trunk show that seemed to be more of a deep brown. I loved it though! But it's not the flavor you're loking for, so I say metallic black.
  15. black!!!