Which Chanel J12 should I get, black or white?


What Color J12

  1. Black

  2. White

  3. neither

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  1. Hi, I can't decide which one to get. I want to get the small quartz without diamonds. I wear mostly black and some bright colors. Is the white one just for spring and summer, or do you wear it all year around? Also, does the band show wear--scratch or get dirty? Thanks!
  2. I bought the white one first and wear it all year round. Then I bought the black.....I wear the black all year round too, but I seem to wear the white one a bit more.

    Theres no scratches on either band, they really do hold up quite well.
  3. white! i love the j12 in both black and white but i prefer the white a little bit more :yes:
  4. Ohhhh...def. WHITE!!!! That's the one I want (in a few years...LOL). I think it stands out a lot more and if it has diamonds, oh la-la! :love:
  5. White
  6. Thanks, everyone, I was leaning towards the white one, so this confirms it for me! :yes:
  7. I think it depends on your skin tone~!! Black looks awesome if your skin is pretty pale.
  8. ^^^^
    i'd get the black because i'm pale and black generally works better on me than white.
  9. WHITE :love:
  10. White!
  11. That's a really tough question but I'd say white. I've been wearing white more than black all this year myself. It works w/ just about everything!
  12. The white stands out more - but i love both really! I got the white one and love it - very easy to wear.
  13. ^^ita!!!!
  14. both are nice..i've got the black colour..simply beautiful...
  15. White can be worn all year round IMO. Band does not scratch. I do everything with it and have not noticed any :nuts: