Which Chanel has already taken wait list for S/S08??? fill me in please!!

  1. hi girls! ( again because this is my second thread for today haha)
    okay so i think (think..??) i am done for this year/season and i am ready to be on the list for SSo8 for those pretty reissue!! but i have no idea which chanel/neiman or Saks has open waitlists already? so if you girls would let me know so i can get on one ( hehe ) i will love you very much! (as i already am in love with you ladies =)
    thank you!!
    p/s this never ends does it??? i keep saying i am done but i dont think i will be ever?? hehe
  2. haha.. there's no cure for Chanel bug, isn't it? :sweatdrop:
  3. I have already gave a print out to my SA at the NM in Beverly Hills with my picks that I know of for the S/S 08. Not certain if there is an "official waitlist" yet....but short of camping out side like some Star Trek / Star Wars fan....I am ready.:drool:
  4. LOL, Purrrfect!! I think our Cons would be much more stylish,though.

    *pure_honey, just speak to your favorite SAs about what bags interest you!

  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao: too funny :p
  6. Anyone got the pics of the '08? They were posted and poof, removed. I breezed through them, broke for dinner and thought I'd come back in the a.m. to grab item numbers. If someone has them saved, would you/ could you send me an em as I am 1.5 hr. away from civilization.
  7. jmen are you talking abouot the crusie 07/08?
  8. Ha! Me too! IF there's a waitlist on NM in BH, we are on it!!! :tup:
  9. i showed my SA at NM the bags i am interested in so she could let me know first hand and put me on waitlists (none opened yet as at now they don't even know what's coming in, we're faster than them)!

    i think i'm giving up Cruise *coughs*liar*coughs*! LOL. i'm prancing all the way to Spring!