Which Chanel handbag should I get? :)

  1. I think the jumbo may be a tad too mature looking for a 16 year old, unless it is in a bright color. A smaller size may suit someone younger.

    Have you looked at Boy Chanel? Those can be used as cross body and may be more practical for a teen. Congrats on turning 16 and hope to see your reveal soon :smile:
  2. I'm not a fan of the Boy Chanel :sad: I'm planning to get it in Beige or anything Pink/Purple, if available! :smile: or maybe the mini flap, if I can sacrifice a few things from what I bring LOL

    Thank you!! Xx
  3. I still think that a classic 2.55 in small size is the perfect first bag.
    If you are a purse freak like I am and you take good care of it, you'll easily pass it on to someone you love later on.
    I have vintages designer purses given to me by my mother - they are over 40 years old- and they are getting back in fashion (including the YSL re-editions...).
    You should definitely go for an ultra classic purse
  4. The mini flaps are adorable but don't fit very much :sad: Still it's on my next purchase list ;)

    I've got the jumbo and it's perfect, like you I carry so much every time I leave the house, even an umbrella coz it's always raining in London... But i stuck with the black classic, goes with everything. The red is beautiful, or a beige?

    Lots of luck :smile: and don't forget to reveal when u make ur purchase!
  5. Thank you for your input! Xx I'm thinking if I should start minimizing a whole load of stuff from what I usually bring lol I'm a pretty big girl, so I think the mini would look awkward on me :huh:

    For the Jumbo, I might get it in Beige since I love Beige and not a fan of Black in general :smile: x

    Will definitely do a reveal! :smile: do you happen to know how much the Chanel flap bags cost in London? :smile:

  6. Beautiful!! Yes, the Jumbo is £3230, I was in LA a while back and nearly bought it there but found that it was nearly £600 pounds more expensive over there than here in the uk....odd:confused1:
  7. Sorry for the late reply. :smile: I'm not so sure about the color. I know they have other color released in the past, but not sure about the current one.
  8. Aaah never buy European brands in the US, if possible! They're so much more expensive :smile: thanks for the info! Xx
  9. Jumbo price in UK has increased??
  10. Yes, think they went up earlier this year...