Which Chanel grey?

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  1. I’m not even sure if they still have the grey ones left in the boutique, from what I know they’re sold out. I have the 20c grey and I love it! But your jumbo looks so much more unique.
  2. Thank you so much for your input ! I'm honestly shocked by the amount of jumbo lovers since I feel like everyone wants the medium size now! Haha. I think I'll keep my jumbo and wait for a different color to come out
    They have a lot of mediums out there still! No more smalls though :sad:
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  3. Which boutique? I was looking high and low but I got mine from neimans (was got the last one)
  4. The second bag
  5. New York, California, and Florida! Stand alone boutiques though, not NM
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  6. Funny how my SF SA initially had me on a waitlist now they have so many! The beige Smalls are cute though and I’m debating one...
  7. Right? I wss surprised my SA said he had a few grey mediums for me to choose from. Maybe they were late shipments? Haha. I just opened my small light beige and it's cute! Just a little unsure about the shade. It's so hard buying bags over the phone