Which Chanel clutch is this?

  1. This is so adorable..seen on sienna miller with the cutest chanel dress...does anyone know the name and price and place to find this clutch? thank you
  2. Haven't seen any pics of Sienna w/ a Chanel clutch. Do you have the pic?
  3. I just posted a pic can you see it?
  4. Yes, my post just "jumped" in there before your pic loaded--sorry
  5. anyone?
  6. Think thats the Arizona clutch from last season - was about 6000usd!
  7. :wtf::wtf::wtf: $6000 USD??? omg. thats steep for a tiny clutch! :sweatdrop: Must be those jewels on it! lol
  8. Here's a better pic

  9. omg its beautifullllllllllllll are you positive its for 6000?
    Where can I find it...is there a reference number...please any help would be much appreciated thaaaaaaaank you xxx
  10. OUCH..Thats a STEEP PRICE!!ROFL!