Which Chanel...Classic Flap or Reissue???

  1. Hi all, I am trying to decide on my first Chanel bag :yahoo: and I am having trouble deciding which one I like best!!

    I went to the mall yesterday and I saw a white or ivory caviar classic flap which was beautiful, it wasn't quite white but not really deep ivory either, I loved the color. Is this a color that Chanel always has and I could get later on? I am also considering getting a 2.55 reissue in the small size (225?). I'd love to eventually get both and I know that the reissue is a limited edition....

    At Neimans, they had the reissue in black and grey and told me these are the only colors they carry it in. I also went to the Chanel store and the SA there told me it comes in either black or a matte gold, but they did not have a gold for me to see in the store.

    Has anyone seen the gold or have a picture of it? She told me it has silver hardware. Also, does the 225 size come in any other colors besides the black, grey and gold? I really liked all of them, leaning towards either black or gold, but I'd like to know if there are other options as well! :smile:

    I'd love your reccomendations for what would be a good first Chanel! Thanks!
  2. Hi. It's so much a matter of personal preference. I prefer the reissue to the classic flap because I prefer the closure, chain without the leather etc.

    As far as reissues go, there are two batches of reissues that are 'buy-able' right now. The original, 2005, reissues (with the anniversary marking) came in 3 colours -- grey, black and white. It's still possible to buy a 2005 reissue at some stores. The 2006 reissues include the gold colour (bronze) and the black with silver hardware that you've mentioned (the 2005 black bag has got gold hardware). There is also a dark white. Apparently, too, more colours are on the horizon for the 2006 bags.
  3. Thanks Melisande! I've noticed that a couple of PF members have the bronze reissue and I was confused if the "matte gold" was the same color. Also, I tried on the black reissue with both hardwares (Neimans had gold hardware and Chanel had silver) and I think I preferred the gold. The dark white sounds really pretty as well, I just did a search and saw some pics of it in the larger size...beautiful! Has anyone seen this anywhere in the 225?

    I definitely agree that its personal preference, both bags have a different look, both of which I like! Such a hard decision!

    Is there anywhere to see the new colors that are coming out?
  4. court9581, I think the "bronze" and the "matte gold" are the same color. Most have been calling it bronze, but the official color is matte gold, I believe.

    I like the Reissue more than the classic flap because there is something so sleek about the body of the bag and the simple chain. The classic flap, although it is a beauty, seems bulkier in comparison. At least to me, it is. Good luck on your decision! :flowers: Choosing is definitely hard.
  5. Ok you guys are making me lean towards the Reissue! I definitely noticed that the flap seemed a little bulkier under my arm.

    Now i just have to figure out what color...I liked the black because it was understated but still elegant and edgy at the same time....but the bronze/gold looks like such a beautful bag! I wish the Chanel by me had the gold and dark white in stock so I could try them on! I haven't been able to see either in person.

    Does anyone know what colors Saks carries?
  6. I'll put in a vote for the classic flap! I love the CC closure and the leather chain... I just got mine in the white caviar, and it's so pretty with the silver hardware! I just love all the color options for the original flap.

    For pics, there shoudl be some in the Pics of you with your Chanel thread.
  7. 2005 Reissue (specially marked) in distressed leather came in black w/gold HW, dark grey w/silver HW, and white w/silver HW.

    2006 Reissue in distressed leather comes in black w/silver HW, dark gold (bronze) w/silver hardware, dark white w/silver hardware, and burgundy w/silver hardware.

    ETA: New colors will be available in different leathers for Cruise. Japskit posted some information about this. You might want to do a search.:yes:
  8. Wel the nice offwhite is this season - it won't always be around. The reissues are possible to get now but maybe not later... The classics will always be there in different colors every season.

    So I say reissue first if you like that look of that bag
  9. Thanks for all of your insights, I really appreciate it!! This is such a tough decision as I really like all of them...It is nice to hear other people's opinions!
  10. I also vote reissue!! I love the look of the leather. The classic is great too but you will always be able to purchase that as your next bag!
  11. Yes. It's the same colour. I don't think that there are any pics of the new colours yet. (Anyone see any?)
  12. My vote for the Reissue. I sincerely feel they are more beautiful...Classic Chanel, yet with OOMPH!!!

    Also, practically speaking, you can always get the classic flap again soon but the Reissues are flying off the racks and who knows if the colour you like will be repeated?
  13. Yeah, you can always get a classic flap. I say get a black reissue.
  14. Reissue... I have the dark gold and the dark white!!!
  15. Anyone seen a grey reissue anywhere?