which Chanel boy should I buy?

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  1. Hi, boy lovers and experts,
    Need your advice, I want get my first boy.Need advice on: what size should I buy? I am 5' 7". Patent vs Lamb Vs calf. The SA said there 8 sizes boy. Next what color?
    I have 7 black Chanel bags already. No black. Last, does boy line price increases?
  2. Also, what is difference between new boy and old boy?
  3. Yes, the boy line does increase every season and it's going up again quite a bit. As to size/material think about what you want it for, how often you'll use it, etc. and what look you want it to have. Sounds like you need a red with all that black.
    There is an old medium and a new medium. The old is smaller; someone else will surely know by how much. The old small is now a mini I believe. I don't have any boys, so I really shouldn't be answering this but wanted to try to help. :smile:
  4. Thanks so much tutu. So glad you are on line. Is patent more durable or the boy lamb skin or calf skin? The one current 4100$ is medium or large size?
  5. the old medium boy is 9.5x5.5x3 and the new medium boy is 11x6.5x3 I like the new medium because its bigger and I think lambskin or calfskin would be good. I don't have a boy but I've done a lot of research on them because I'm planning on buying one soon. I hope this helped :smile:
  6. i vote for new medium because it is roomy and practical, but also delicate!, lambskin need to be take gooood care, coz it is easy to get scratch.the patent is easy to get color transfer. for me, i choose lambskin, coz i can't accept color transfer,.though the lambskin can be color transfer(especially in light color), it can be fixed,.but patent is permanent. i got fuchsia boy, that color is not in calfskin, so i don't have answer for calfskin.
  7. Lamb boy isn't as delicate! So I'd say go for it!

    All others had said the rest well.

    I saw black patent boy in real life and finger prints are just more obvious on patent.

    As for new prices, check out the prefall list from Saks that was on the forum!
  8. I have a metallic calfskin boy in old medium size. I was about to get the small 8" one at first because I'm only 5'4" but I ended up getting medium because the small one just not roomy enough to be my everyday bag.

    Now I can't stop using mine!! :biggrin: