Which Chanel boutique is #6?

  1. Just curious. I went the the Tyson's Chanel on Friday and wanted a black patent jumbo classic. I was told that there were only 5 left in the U.S. and that they were going to have it charge-sent from Chicago but they'd try another store if Chicago didn't send it. I had a "tentative hold" charge to my credit card on 12/28 (the day I had it ordered) from "Chanel #12". The transaction completed on 12/31 but it was completed by "Chanel #6". I assume that #12 is Tyson's. Does anyone know if #6 is Chicago's store? Just want to check so I have an idea of whether or not this means that indeed, my bag has or is about to be sent. Yes. I'm waiting with baited breath :smile:
  2. The only thing I would recommend is calling them (Tysons or Chicago) and asking one of the SAs. Perhaps even the 800 number for Chanel can assist you. If you can wait, your receipt will have the store location. Congrats on your new bag.:tup:
  3. Your bag should arrive today or tomorrow. I ordered two bags from the same boutique in Tysons Galleria. One from SF, California and the second one from Beverly Hill ,California. Both bags were shipped via Fed Ex and arrived two days after the transaction was completed. Your SA can also give you the tracking info if you want to know the exact status. Good luck.
  4. Thanks, ladies! FedEx attempted delivery today but since I was at work, I asked them to hold it. Too bad because I stopped at home for lunch and to walk our Border Collie only 15 minutes after they tried to deliver it. I called to have them hold it at the FedEx location, which happens to be about a 2 minute drive from my gym and I'll pick it up after I leave the gym tonight. Can't wait to get my bag! You KNOW I'll be ripping open the package in the car before I've even left the FedEx parking lot :p

  5. Congrat! Pictures please.