Which Chanel bags do you see around most often?

  1. In Chicago I still see quite a few young girls carrying the Cambon line... a lot of older women with the Grand Shopper. Also have seen a surprising amount of black patent Cabas.

    And in your city?
  2. i live in the middle of no where no one has a chanel
  3. I usually see Cambon or Classic Flap style bags.
  4. Lately I've seen the Cabas around.
  5. All I see are Cambons, with the occassional Charlotte Caviar Bag.

    I have yet to see any style of Cabas IRL!
  6. Classic Flap styles....most often
  7. i see a lot of fake combons.... I saw a medallion tote once, a tote from the mademoiselle ligne once and some classic flaps.
  8. i've seen a few classic flaps, one/two cambon...that's about it.
  9. cabas in san francisco, also alot of classic caviar large or jumbo flaps in non staple colors.
  10. Classic Flaps and fake Cambons.
    THANKFULLY as I don't own either!
  11. Classic flaps and cambons in my Houston area.. I've never seen anyone with a reissue or an ultimate soft!! Except myself.. hehe.
  12. I also see alot of fake Cambons - that's about it.
  13. I see a lot of cambons (mostly fake), a lot of medallion totes, some classic flaps, and I saw a cloudy bundle tote today in Neimans for the first time.
  14. Many Fake and Authentic Cambons, 1 Petit Shopper, 1 Charlotte Caviar Bag, 1 Medallion Tote and a few that I don't know the names of (they weren't the classics). I have yet to see a classic flap!
  15. When I was in Trader Joes a few weeks ago a woman in front of me in line had a red Cambon Reporter with black CC's. I wondered if Chanel ever made the Reporter in red. One of the straps was broken and the bag was overflowing with junk. I didn't dare ask her if it was real or not! This is the only Chanel bag I have ever seen in my area.