Which Chanel bags are classics/always available?

  1. i know that the classic flaps as well as the pst and gst are always available but are there any others? or do most of the bags change every season?
  2. This is asked pretty often you may find a better list if you search but here's what I can remember off the top of my head:
    Classic Flaps
    Medallion Tote
    Timeless Cutch
    Timless Classic Tote
  3. That list sounds perfect, covers its all! :tup:
  4. great, thank you!
  5. How about the reissues? Thanks!
  6. they're not "Timeless Classic" = permanent as far as i know.
  7. hi, i was just wondering i have $3000 to spend at chanel, what do you recommend, oh and this is my first actual purchase at chanel, i have gotten a wallet for a birthday and bought flats before..but those don't really count...
  8. You better start your own thread about this :yes:
  9. depends on your needs?
    Hand bag, shoulder bag. . .?
    Tote or small bag?
    Something delicate or durable?
  10. LOL Nat! As I hit send I thought the same thing to myself! This is going to get overlooked because it's not on topic ;)
  11. hmm your right i should make a new thread but i don't know how, i looked everywhere on the site for how to make it...is there a special way?
  12. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the Chanel thread index page, there's a button that says "New Thread" -click it and insert thread title and start typing! Good luck!
  13. or at the top of the page ;)
  14. LOL, Swanky... I've NEVER noticed that one :nuts:
  15. WOW i can't belive i never saw that! lol thankxx