Which Chanel bag?

  1. I am wanting a new bag for Christmas... the caviar chain tote OR Coco cabas in leather... which I am on a wait list for, but the caviar chain is my back up if I dont get the cabas. However, I want a bag I will ALWAYS wear!
  2. I love the caviar chain.....
  3. The caviar chain. Classic.
  4. i'd go with the caviar chain as it is more classic.
  5. I loooooove the tote so much I got it in black and white. Thinking of getting the brown too....
  6. DEfinitely the Grand Shopping TOte in Caviar. I have black with silver hardware and completely LOVE IT!
  7. I agree, if you're looking for a classic bag, go with the caviar chain.:yes:
  8. i love the chain caviar
  9. Another vote for cavair chain...
  10. I don't think there is a bad choice to be made here....they are both great!
  11. I have the caviar and I love it!!!!
  12. I have the same problem as u....caviar GST or cabas.??? hehehe
    Cabas is not in yet (Dec)...on waitlist...maybe I'll get GST first..then get cabas later.
  13. Caviar tote hands down if you can only get 1. But you should get them BOTH! :P
  14. Caviar tote!
  15. I am on the waitlist for the coco cabas original leather tote...and IF it comes in soon I will get it, but if not its the grand caviar shopping tote!
    Does any know when the coco cabas is arriving??????
    does anyone have pics of either bags in black?
    what are the measurements of both bags?????????