Which Chanel Bag?

  1. I'm a newcomer...purchasing my first Chanel bag this Saturday in NYC...would like a zip top, medium to large everyday black bag with classic chain and not the VERY puffy quilted style I've been seeing this season, although somewhat quilted is okay...want to use this everyday and travel a lot, so think the lambskin bag is out...maybe a patent leather or distressed black leather or pebbled?
    If I had to do a flap over, I would , too...would like to go no more than 2,500...any ideas? model names? pictures? Please help! THanks!!:yes::girlsigh:
  2. Do a search for the Timeless Classic Tote, it comes in 2 sizes, the smaller may be in your price range - there's photos in our Reference Library
    The pebbled leather is called "caviar" and it zips closed and has chain straps.