Which Chanel bag would make a good diaper bag?

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  1. I remember reading in one of my PG mags that Chanel makes a diaper bag... is this true???
  2. I remember reading this as well. Didnt Gywenth Paltrow (sp?) have a black one?
  3. YES!! Thats what the article I read said!! (at least I know I'm not hallucinating)
  4. I saw it on eBay once, I don't know if it's still there but it was black and I think it retailed for around $2600? Not sure, but good luck finding it!
  5. ooooh! Never seen one! ALthough I'm not a big Gucci fan, I really like their diaper bag!
  6. The prada and gucci ones are fabric - thats why I'm not a fan (I've been using a huge BV for the baby)
  7. dgjeans on eBay has it for sale below retail. I have purchased from him before. They have it in black and beige.
  8. can you link that? I just looked and don't see anything. :search: :shrugs:
  9. I love the look of that bag!
  10. wow.. very nice!!!
  11. That caviar tote is so gorgeous! I was considering using my large black Cambon tote as a diaper bag--I think it's a good size for that.
  12. I don't know....it looks too much like a business bag or brief case..... When I asked my SA about a diaper bag, he told me that the reporter makes an excellent one.
  13. The bag in that auction looks so stiff and rigide. It doesnt look like the same bag Gwynyth is carrying. It looks rather uncomfortable from the auction pics. Kinda like a briefcase.

    Im hoping to use my Cambon large tote for a diaper bag too. I dont see why it wouldnt be good.
  14. Yes, Gwynth's bag does not look like the one up for auction.
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