Which Chanel bag will you choose?

  1. Just keep the bubble quilt.
  2. I vote for the bubble. Not really feeling the other two.
  3. BQ for sure.
  4. The bubble for sure and the pocket would be the second choice. Don't like the envelope at all.:nogood:
  5. vote the 1!
  6. 1 and 3

    (I actually like 3 a lot)
  7. First two. Not really lovin' the pocket in the city for some reason. too much going on for me.
  8. just the bubble quilt for me
  9. Bubble quilt:tup: and for the 2nd it would be the 3rd pic.
  10. double post.
  11. I like the bubble quilt the best. I like the PIC, but not the bowler style.
  12. I like the first one!
  13. I like the padded envelop..it's different.

    the bubble quilt looks like its bloated, lol
  14. #1, dun't like #2 and 3 at all.
  15. i'd vote for the bubble quilt and the pocket in the city...can't say i'm loving the silver "pointy bit" on the middle one too much....good luck with your choice!